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Basement Bedroom: Built-in storage
Basement Laundry Room
Basement bedroom
Carpeted basement stairs
Basement baseboard details
Basement laundry and bathroom all framed up
Basement Stair detail
Basement stair detail
Furnace access open
Furnace hide after
Basement bathroom
How to hide an circuit pannel
Basement Bathroom.
Open Basement Pantry storage.
How to hide a laundry shoot
Family room after
Family room framed
Laundry cabinets
Another space saver
New Egress
Laundry shelf in 'up' position.
Laundry room
Under stair wine 'celar'
Tile work
Tile down grout to come
Egress window
Stairs before
Basement bathroom the rough in phase
Basement bathroom rough in
Basement bathroom ground work
A narrow cabinet bank for a narrow bath
How you hide a water main
Basement office detail
Laundry room overview
Laundry room closet space
Laundry room detail
Basement laundry sink
Got ironing board?
Slide out ironing board detail.
Laundry room slide out ironing board detail.
LL Laundry room after.
LL Basement bedroom After
Bedroom 'after' lighting and storage detail.
Bedroom 'after' cork board detail.
Bedroom 'after' under stail detail
Custom Cabinets
Bedroom wall cabinets